Chris Lee

A Do-It-All Web Developer Specializing in Mobile Application Development, Web Analytics and Graphic Design

Chris Lee

A Do-It-All Web Developer Specializing in Mobile Application Development, Web Analytics and Graphic Design

My Services

Website Creation


Responsive web pages are created with best design practices and UX in mind.   Using Adobe Dreamweaver with industry leading macOS software, whatever your website needs are, I can build it. From a simple one page template built website to a multi-page hand coded site creation, it can be done.

App Development


Developing mobile applications for iOS and Android using UX/UI design principles with Adobe XD.  With Android Studio and Xcode, apps are built from the ground up with these industry leading and native software tools.

Graphic Design


Using Adobe's line of software tools, I specialize in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign to create eye popping images and photo enhancements for posters, magazines, brochures and even stickers.

My Skills

Photoshop/Graphic Design


Photoshop skills are vital to a graphic designer, from basic image editing to creating vectors or illustrations to be used in a website, poster or social media post, it's easy-peasy.  



Photography skills are essential to any website or app creation and I have an eye for interesting and beautiful moments.



Writing is also another necessary component of website or app development.  At age 8 I was already writing at a college level and my passion for putting words from pen to paper has never been stronger.  From app reviews, resume creation and to journalistic contributions, I enjoy writing.  

Web Analytics


Need help with SEO, marketing and interpreting the metrics for your website or app?  As a trained interpreter of big data and an expert in web and digital analytics, I can help you understand your user base better and improve your customer experience practically overnight.  Adobe and Google Analytics tools are used.

iOS and Android App Development


As a certified Mobile Application Developer, I have created apps for Android smartphones and tablets, as well as all of Apples  iOS products, including the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch.  I also enjoy creating iMessage stickers. From web apps to a specific user needs app, I can do it.  Lets create something amazing!

Web Design


Part of being a Mobile Application Developer includes creating websites and progressive web apps.  HTML 6 makes website creation easy and intuitive.  Adobe Dreamweaver aids in giving your site the professionalism it deserves.  Responsive and UX design rules keep your site looking sharp and engages customers.

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